The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Renewal Procedures

Renewal Procedures  of international passport


According to the Article 10 of the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “ passports”, international passport must be renewed in following cases:

  • In case of change in surname, first name, middle name of citizen;
  • In case of inaccuracy of information in a passport;
  • In case of deterioration of a passport;
  • Following documents are required while a citizen is applying for a renewal of international passport
  • Identity card;

Military card for the exemption of compulsory military service at the ages of 18-35, or  Certificate (white ticket) for recruiting station in accordance with the right to deferment granted by Military commissariat;

While issuing a new passport to citizen, the previous passport is offered to give in. 

In case of falseness of information on international passport and a fault with the passport chip, by applying to the department that issued the passport, citizen can renew it within one working day for free.


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