The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan


What to do in case of loss of ID card?

Indicating the place, time and condition on loss of identity card, the citizen must give a written notice to territorial police departments on registration place. At this time, the citizen who lost his/her identity card must present 3 (three) colored photos in the size of 25x30 mm and the receipt of the paid state duty by filling application form No.2 to Registration and Identification Card Service.

If the citizen who lost identity card finds the lost one after a new ID card is given to the citizen, he/she must give lost ID card to police department.

The citizen whose identity card is stolen must apply to territorial police departments for this crime and must give a reference confirming fact of theft to territorial police department. And then a new identity card is given to the citizen.

State duty is paid for new Identity Card

  • 10 days - 15 Azn;
  • 3 business days - 35 Azn;
  • 1 business day - 45 Azn.



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